Book Your Proposal Photographer in Mauritius

It's a moment neither of you will ever forget, a story that will be told again and again - and amazing proposal photos and videos are the perfect way to relive this very special occasion!

Proposal in Mauritius

Plan the Perfect Surprise Proposal with Stop Motion Photographers

Planning a proposal in Mauritius is not easy. Whether you want a secret proposal photographer or an engagement photographer near your resort, Stopmotion’s Team of proposal specialists will help you plan the ultimate surprise proposal to capture the “YES!” forever.

How a Proposal Photoshoot in Mauritius Works

What it includes: A planning meeting with your photographer ahead of the proposal, capturing the BIG moment, and, depending on the package you choose, fun engagement shots after. Our team has captured several proposals in Mauritius. Learn our unique tips to ensure you have the perfect proposal!

Before your shoot: A personal consultation with one of our stopmotion photography. Our team will help you plan the details of your surprise proposal, offer expert tips and local suggestions, and provide a detailed map on where to stand for the "ideal shot."

The day of your shoot: On the day of your shoot, we will be ready at the proposal location at least 10 minutes in advance. We will capture your proposal moment with all the emotions and reactions, and then, with our 60-minute or longer packages, you’ll enjoy a fun engagement shoot immediately following.